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Publication - Article

Outhwaite, Charlotte L.; Powney, Gary D.; August, Tom A.; Chandler, Richard E.; Rorke, Stephanie; Pescott, Oliver L.; Harvey, Martin; Roy, Helen E.; Fox, Richard; Roy, David B.; Alexander, Keith; Ball, Stuart; Bantock, Tristan; Barber, Tony; Beckmann, Bjorn C.; Cook, Tony; Flanagan, Jim; Fowles, Adrian; Hammond, Peter; Harvey, Peter; Hepper, David; Hubble, Dave; Kramer, John; Lee, Paul; MacAdam, Craig; Morris, Roger; Norris, Adrian; Palmer, Stephen; Plant, Colin W.; Simkin, Janet; Stubbs, Alan; Sutton, Peter; Telfer, Mark; Wallace, Ian; Isaac, Nick J.B.. 2019 Annual estimates of occupancy for bryophytes, lichens and invertebrates in the UK, 1970–2015. Scientific Data, 6, 259. 12, pp.

Burns, F.; Eaton, M.A.; Hayhow, D.B.; Outhwaite, C.L.; Al Fulaij, N.; August, T.A.; Boughey, K.L.; Brereton, T.; Brown, A.; Bullock, D.J.; Gent, T.; Haysom, K.A.; Isaac, N.J.B.; Johns, D.G.; Macadam, C.R.; Mathews, F.; Noble, D.G.; Powney, G.D.; Sims, D.W.; Smart, S.M.; Stroh, P.; Walker, K.J.; Webb, J.R.; Webb, T.J.; Gregory, R.D.. 2018 An assessment of the state of nature in the United Kingdom: a review of findings, methods and impact. Ecological Indicators, 94 (1). 226-236.

Outhwaite, Charlotte L.; Chandler, Richard E.; Powney, Gary D.; Collen, Ben; Gregory, Richard D.; Isaac, Nick J.B.. 2018 Prior specification in Bayesian occupancy modelling improves analysis of species occurrence data. Ecological Indicators, 93. 333-343.

Eaton, Mark A.; Burns, Fiona; Isaac, Nick J.B.; Gregory, Richard D.; August, Tom A.; Barlow, Kate E.; Brereton, Tom; Brooks, David R.; Al Fulaij, Nida; Haysom, Karen A.; Noble, David G.; Outhwaite, Charlotte; Powney, Gary D.; Procter, Deborah; Williams, James. 2015 The priority species indicator: measuring the trends in threatened species in the UK [in special issue: Connecting the dots: integrating biodiversity observations to better track the CBD 2020 targets] Biodiversity, 16 (2-3). 108-119.

Pescott, Oliver L.; Walker, Kevin J.; Pocock, Michael J.O.; Jitlal, Mark; Outhwaite, Charlotte L.; Cheffings, Christine M.; Harris, Felicity; Roy, David B.. 2015 Ecological monitoring with citizen science: the design and implementation of schemes for recording plants in Britain and Ireland [in special issue: Fifty years of the Biological Records Centre] Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 115 (3). 505-521.

Publication - Report

Hayhow, D.B.; Eaton, M.A.; Stanbury, A.J.; Burns, F.; Kirby, W.B.; Bailey, N.; Beckmann, B.; Bedford, J.; Boersch-Supan, P.H.; Coomber, F.; Dennis, E.B.; Dolman, S.J.; Dunn, E.; Hall, J.; Harrower, C.; Hatfield, J.H.; Hawley, J.; Haysom, K.; Hughes, J.; Johns, D.G.; Mathews, F.; McQuatters-Gollop, A.; Noble, D.G.; Outhwaite, C.L.; Pearce-Higgins, J.W.; Pescott, O.L.; Powney, G.D.; Symes, N.. 2019 State of nature 2019. State of Nature Partnership, 107pp. (UNSPECIFIED)

Hayhow, D.B.; Burns, F.; Eaton, M.A.; Al Fulaij, N.; August, T.A.; Babey, L.; Bacon, L.; Bingham, C.; Boswell, J.; Boughey, K.L.; Brereton, T.; Brookman, E.; Brooks, D.R.; Bullock, D.J.; Burke, O.; Collis, M.; Corbet, L.; Cornish, N.; De Massimi, S.; Densham, J.; Dunn, E.; Elliott, S.; Gent, T.; Godber, J.; Hamilton, S.; Havery, S.; Hawkins, S.; Henney, J.; Holmes, K.; Hutchinson, N.; Isaac, N.J.B.; Johns, D.; Macadam, C.R.; Mathews, F.; Nicolet, P.; Noble, D.G.; Outhwaite, C.L.; Powney, G.D.; Richardson, P.; Roy, D.B.; Sims, D.; Smart, S.; Stevenson, K.; Stroud, R.A.; Walker, K.J.; Webb, J.R.; Webb, T.J.; Wynde, R.; Gregory, R.D.. 2016 State of nature 2016. The State of Nature Partnership, 85pp. (CEH Project no. C04535)

Outhwaite, Charlotte; Powney, Gary; August, Tom; Isaac, Nick. 2015 UK Biodiversity Indicators 2015. Indicator C4b. Status of UK priority species: distribution. Technical background report. DEFRA, 15pp. (UNSPECIFIED) (Unpublished)

Isaac, Nick; Powney, Gary; August, Tom; Outhwaite, Charlotte; Freeman, Stephen. 2015 UK Biodiversity Indicators 2015. Technical background document: Deriving indicators from occupancy models. DEFRA. (UNSPECIFIED) (Unpublished)

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