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Publication - Article

Penna, Nigel T.; Morales Maqueda, Miguel A.; Martin, Ian; Guo, Jing; Foden, Peter R.. 2018 Sea Surface Height Measurement Using a GNSS Wave Glider. Geophysical Research Letters, 45 (11). 5609-5616.

Morales Maqueda, M.A.; Penna, N.T.; Williams, S.D.P. ORCID:; Foden, P.R.; Martin, I.; Pugh, J. ORCID: 2016 Water surface height determination with a GPS wave glider: a demonstration in Loch Ness, Scotland. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 33 (6). 1159-1168.

Hibbert, Angela ORCID:; Woodworth, Philip; Foden, Peter; Pugh, Jeffrey ORCID: 2015 Celebrating 30 Years of the South Atlantic Tide Gauge Network. Ocean Challenge, 21 (1). 19-21.

Holgate, Simon J.; Matthews, Andrew ORCID:; Woodworth, Philip L.; Rickards, Lesley J.; Tamisiea, Mark E.; Bradshaw, Elizabeth; Foden, Peter R.; Gordon, Kathleen M; Jevrejeva, Svetlana ORCID:; Pugh, Jeff ORCID: 2013 New Data Systems and Products at the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level. Journal of Coastal Research, 29 (3). 493-504.

Woodworth, P.L.; Foden, P.R.; Jones, D.S.; Pugh, J ORCID:; Holgate, S.J.; Hibbert, A. ORCID:; Blackman, D.L.; Bellingham, C.R.; Roussenov, V.M.; Williams, R.G.. 2012 Sea level changes at Ascension Island in the last half century. African Journal of Marine Science, 34 (3). 443-452.

Woodworth, Philip; Foden, Peter; Pugh, Jeff ORCID:; Mathews, Andrew; Aarup, Thorkild; Aman, Angora; Nkebi, Emmanuel; Odametey, Joseph; Facey, Roy; Esmail, Mustafa Yousef Abdulgafor; Ashraf, Muhammad. 2009 Insight into long term sea level change based on new tide gauge installations at Takoradi, Aden and Karachi. International Hydrographic Review, No. 1 (May 2009). 18-23.

Holgate, S. J.; Woodworth, P. L.; Foden, P. R.; Pugh, J. ORCID: 2008 A study of delays in making tide gauge data available to tsunami warning centers. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 25 (3). 475-481.

Holgate, S.; Foden, P.; Pugh, J. ORCID:; Woodworth, P. 2008 Real time sea level data transmission from tide gauges for tsunami monitoring and long term sea level rise observations. Journal of Operational Oceanography, 1 (1). 3-8.

Holgate, S.; Foden, P.; Pugh, J, ORCID: 2007 Tsunami monitoring system: implementing global real time data telemetry - How the Indian Ocean tsunami of Dec. 2004 introduced the need for real-time sea level data from anywhere. Sea Technology, 48 (3). 37-39.

Woodworth, P. L.; Holgate, S.; Foden, P. R; Pugh, J. ORCID: 2007 Africa: tsunami alerts and rising sea levels. Planet Earth (Summer 2007). 24-25.

Publication - Book Section

Pugh, Jeff ORCID:; Foden, Peter; Jones, Dave; Woodworth, Philip; Hibbert, Angela ORCID: 2016 Experiences with Radar Gauges at NOC (U.K.). In: Woodworth, P.L., (ed.) Manual on Sea-level Measurements and Interpretation, Volume V: Radar Gauges. Supplement: Practical Experiences. Paris, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO, 95-103, 104pp. (IOC Manuals and Guides No.14, vol. V; JCOMM Technical Report No. 89).

Teferle, F. N.; Hunegnaw, A.; Ahmed, F.; Sidorov, D.; Woodworth, P.L.; Foden, P.R.; Williams, S.D.P. ORCID: 2015 The King Edward Point Geodetic Observatory, South Georgia, South Atlantic Ocean. In: Rizos, Chris, (ed.) Proceedings of IAG 150 Years, IAG Symposium, Potsdam, 2013. Heidelberg, Springer, 625-630. (IAG Symposia, 143).

Publication - Report

Rayner, D. ORCID:; Mack, S.; Foden, P.R.; Charcos Llorens, M.; Campbell, J.M.. 2016 Development of the RAPID MK III telemetry system – a report on the NOC tank-testing and shallow and deep-water field trials. Southampton, National Oceanography Centre, 54pp. (National Oceanography Centre Internal Document, No. 18)

Foden, P.R.; Smith, D.. 1993 RRS 'James Clark Ross', 20 November - 18 December 1993. ACCLAIM: sea level measurements in the Drake Passage. Birkenhead, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 17pp. (POL Cruise Report No. 23)

Foden, P. R.; Vassie, J. M.; Spencer, R.. 1993 RRS 'James Clark Ross/RRS 'Bransfield', 7 October - 4 December 1992. ACCLAIM: sea level measurements in the Scotia Sea and Drake Passage. Birkenhead, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 24pp. (POL Cruise Report No. 17)

Foden, P. R.. 1992 RRS 'James Clark Ross' Voyage 1, 20 December 1991 - 10 January 1992. ACCLAIM: sea level measurements in the Scotia Sea and Drake Passage. Birkenhead, Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory, 27pp. (POL Cruise Report No. 14)

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