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Moore, R.V.; Hughes, A.G.. 2017 Integrated environmental modelling: achieving the vision. In: Riddick, A.T.; Kessler, H.; Giles, J.R.A., (eds.) Integrated environmental modelling to solve real world problems: methods, vision and challenges. London, UK, Geological Society of London, 17-34. (Geological Society Special Publication, 408).


Marsh, Terry; Moore, Roger; Dixon, Harry; Hannaford, Jamie; Gustard, Alan; Young, Andy; Lewis, Melinda; Neal, Colin; Rees, Gwyn. 2015 Hydrological data acquisition and exploitation. In: Rodda, John C.; Robinson, Mark, (eds.) Progress in modern hydrology: past, present and future. Chichester, Wiley Blackwell, 324-365.


Moore, Roger; Hughes, Andrew; Gaber, Noha; Geller, Gary; Glynn, Pierre; Laniak, Gerry; Voinov, Alexey; Whelan, Gene. 2012 International Summit on Integrated Environmental Modeling. US Environmental Protection Agency, 62pp. (OR/12/087) (Unpublished)


Kessler, Holger; Terrington, Ricky L.; Sobisch, Hans-Georg; Gunnink, Jan; Ludwig, Rudiger; Harms, Egon; Turner, Keith; Moore, Roger. 2010 The need for improved management of the subsurface. In: First International Conference on Frontiers in Shallow Subsurface Technology, Delft, the Netherlands, 20-22 Jan 2010. 43-50.


Kessler, H.; Giles, J.; Gunnink, J.; Hughes, A.; Moore, R.V.; Peach, D.. 2009 Integrated modelling of natural and human systems : problems and initiatives. Keyworth, Nottingham, British Geological Survey, 7pp. (Unpublished)

Moore, Roger; Wien, J J F. 2009 Integrated modelling tools, mass collaboration and the opportunities ahead. In: van Ittersum, Martin; Wolf, Joost; van Laar, Gon, (eds.) Integrated Assessment of Agriculture and Sustainable development; setting the agenda for science and policy. The Netherlands, Wageningen University and Research Centre, The Netherlands, 316-317.

Moore, Roger V.. 2009 The OpenMI - Science Responding to Policy, Industry and Events. In: Quevauviller, Philippe, (ed.) Water System Science and Policy Interfacing. Cambridge, UK, The Royal Society of Chemistry, 200-225.


Murphy, Hazel; Moore, Roger; Van Assel, Johan; Ronse, Yves; Safiolea, Ria; Gregersen, Jan. 2008 Bringing the OpenMI to LIFE Progress Report No. 4 - 31st March 2008 – 30th September 2008. NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 79pp. (CEH Project Number: C03173, LIFE06 ENV/UK.000409) (Unpublished)

Murphy, Hazel; Gregersen, Jan; Fortune, David; Moore, Roger; Ronse, Yves; Safiolea, Ria; Van Assel, Johan. 2008 Bringing the OpenMI to LIFE. Interim Report: 1st October 2006 – 31st March 2008. European Commission, 152pp. (CEH Project Number: C03173) (Unpublished)


Moore, Roger; Tindall, Isabella; Van Assel, Johan; Ronse, Yves; Safiolea, Ria; Gregersen, Jan. 2007 Bringing the OpenMI to LIFE. Progress Report No. 2 - 1st April 2007 – 30th September 2007 Progress Report No 2 1st April 2007 – 30th September 2007. NERC/Centre for Ecology & Hydrology/European Commission, 39pp. (CEH Project Number: C03173, LIFE06 ENV/UK.000409) (Unpublished)

Moore, Roger; Tindall, Isabella; Dixon, Harry. 2007 Data Management Planning for Science Projects – Developing an Approach in CEH. [Poster] In: NERC DMAG Workshop (Data Management in 21st Century: Delivering the new NERC Science Strategy), Leamington Spa, 10-11 October 2007. (Unpublished)

Moore, Roger; Tindall, Isabella; Van Assel, Johan; Ronse, Yves; Safiolea, Ria; Gregersen, Jan. 2007 Bringing the OpenMI to LIFE Progress Report No. 1 - 1st October 2006 – 31st March 2007. N/A, 32pp. (CEH Project Number: C03173) (Unpublished)


Tindall, C. Isabella; Moore, Roger V.; Bosley, John D.; Swetnam, Ruth D.; Bowie, Rod; De Rudder, Anne. 2006 Creating and using the URGENT metadata catalogue and thesaurus. Science of the Total Environment, 360 (1-3). 223-232.


Blind, M W; Moore, R V; Scholten, H; Refsgaard, J C; Borgvang, S A; Giupponi, C; Borowski, I; Estrela, M; George, D G; Froebrich, J; Zsuffa, I; Vanrolleghem, P; de Lange, W. 2005 Current Results of the EC-sponsored Catchment Modelling (CatchMod) Cluster. In: Zerger, Andre; Argent, Robert M, (eds.) MODSIM05. International Congress on Modelling and Simulation Advances and Applications for Management and Decision Making. New Zealand, Modelling and Simulation Society of Australia and New Zealand Inc., 174, 456pp.

Moore, R.V.; Gijsbers, P.; Fortune, D.; Gregersen, J.; Blind, M.. 2005 OpenMI Document Series: Part A - Scope for the OpenMI (Version 1.0). IT Frameworks (HarmonIT) Contract EVK1-CT-2001-00090. HarmonIT Consortium, 17pp. (UNSPECIFIED)


Finch, J.W.; Bayliss, A.; Moore, R.V.; Watts, C.. 2002 Report of the working group on software for processing, quality control, archiving and dissemination of hydrological data from research catchments. NERC, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, 30pp. (UNSPECIFIED) (Unpublished)

Gijsbers, P.J.A.; Moore, R.V; Tindall, C.I.. 2002 HarmonIT: towards OMI, an Open Modelling Interface and Environment to harmonise European developments in water related simulation software. In: Cluckie, I D; Han, D; Davis, J P; Heslop, S, (eds.) Hydroinformatics 2002 Volume Two: Software Tools and Management Systems. London, IWA Publishing, 1268-1275.


Moore, Terry; Roberts, Gethin W.; Zhang, Kefei; Ashkenazi, Vidal; Dumville, Mark; Close, Gareth; Moore, Roger. 1999 A Real Time GPS River Level Monitoring System. In: Proceedings of the 12th International Technical Meeting of the Satellite Division of The Institute of Navigation (ION GPS 1999). Nashville, TN, The Institute of Navigation, 1695-1700.


Moore, Roger. 1997 Data - Chairman's overview. In: Land-Ocean Interaction Study, second annual meeting. Swindon, Natural Environment Research Council, 45-48. (LOIS Publication no.323).


Moore, Roger V.; Buesst, Adrian W. M.; Watts, Carol D.; Stewart, Richard. 1994 A feasibility study into a system for the assessment of an insurer's flood risk exposure (SAIFE). First edition. Wallingford, Institute of Hydrology, 41pp. (UNSPECIFIED) (Unpublished)


Bonvoisin, Nick; Moore, Roger; Morris, David. 1988 A Geographical Information System for the Institute of Hydrology - HAGIS Project - Functional requirement Specification Draft June 1988. Institute of Hydrology, 37pp. (TFS Project No. T12004d2) (Unpublished)

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