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Lang, P.; Meis, S.; Procházková, L.; Carvalho, L.; Mackay, E.B.; Woods, H.J.; Pottie, J.; Milne, I.; Taylor, C.; Maberly, S.C.; Spears, B.M.. 2016 Phytoplankton community responses in a shallow lake following lanthanum-bentonite application [in special issue: Geo-engineering to manage eutrophication in lakes] Water Research, 97. 55-68.

Spears, Bryan M.; Mackay, Eleanor B.; Yasseri, Said; Gunn, Iain D.M.; Waters, Kate E.; Andrews, Christopher; Cole, Stephanie; de Ville, Mitzi; Kelly, Andrea; Meis, Sebastian; Moore, Alanna L.; Nurnberg, Gertrud K.; van Oosterhout, Frank; Pitt, Jo-Anne; Madgwick, Genevieve; Woods, Helen J.; Luring, Miquel. 2016 A meta-analysis of water quality and aquatic macrophyte responses in 18 lakes treated with lanthanum modified bentonite (PHOSLOCK®) [in special issue: Geo-engineering to manage eutrophication in lakes] Water Research, 97. 111-121.


Lang, Pauline; Meis, Sebastian; Spears, Bryan M.; Krokowski, Jan; Milne, Ian; Pottie, John. 2015 Dinobryon stokesii var. neustonicum in Loch Flemington, Scotland: a rarely observed variety of golden alga new to UK freshwaters. Glasgow Naturalist, 26 (2). 2, pp.


Gunn, Iain D.M.; Meis, Sebastian; Maberly, Stephen C.; Spears, Bryan M.. 2014 Assessing the responses of aquatic macrophytes to the application of a lanthanum modified bentonite clay, at Loch Flemington, Scotland, UK [in special issue: Plants in hydrosystems] Hydrobiologia, 737 (1). 309-320.

Mackay, Eleanor B.; Maberly, Stephen C.; Pan, Gang; Reitzel, Kasper; Bruere, Andy; Corker, Nicholas; Douglas, Grant; Egemose, Sara; Hamilton, David; Hatton-Ellis, Tristan; Huser, Brian; Li, Wei; Meis, Sebastian; Moss, Brian; Lürling, Miquel; Phillips, Geoff; Yasseri, Said; Spears, Bryan M.. 2014 Geoengineering in lakes: welcome attraction or fatal distraction? Inland Waters, 4 (4). 349-356.


Spears, Bryan M.; Lurling, Miquel; Yasseri, Said; Castro-Castellon, Ana T.; Gibbs, Max; Meis, Sebastian; McDonald, Claire; McIntosh, John; Sleep, Darren; Van Oosterhout, Frank. 2013 Lake responses following lanthanum-modified bentonite clay (Phoslock®) application: an analysis of water column lanthanum data from 16 case study lakes. Water Research, 47 (15). 5930-5942.

Meis, Sebastian; Spears, Bryan M.; Maberly, Stephen C.; Perkins, Rupert G.. 2013 Assessing the mode of action of Phoslock® in the control of phosphorus release from the bed sediments in a shallow lake (Loch Flemington, UK). Water Research, 47 (13). 4460-4473.


Meis, Sebastian; Spears, Bryan M.; Maberly, Stephen C.; O'Malley, Michael B.; Perkins, Rupert G.. 2012 Sediment amendment with Phoslock in Clatto Reservoir (Dundee, UK): investigating changes in sediment elemental composition and phosphorus fractionation. Journal of Environmental Management, 93 (1). 185-193.


Spears, Bryan; Gunn, Iain; Meis, Sebastian; May, Linda. 2011 WISER Deliverable D6.4-2: Analysis of cause-effect-recovery chains for lakes recovering from eutrophication. CEH report commissioned by the European Commission within the Seventh Framework Programme. European Commission, 76pp. (CEH Project Number: NEC03630EU, WISER 226273)

Verdonschot, Piet; Angeler, David; Boria, Angel; Brucet, Sandra; Feld, Christian K.; Gunn, Iain; Johnson, Richard; Kail, Jochem; Kernan, Martin; Marzin, Anahita; May, Linda; Meis, Sebastian; Spears, Bryan. 2011 WISER Deliverable D6.4-2: Report on the differences between cause-effect-recovery chains of different drivers within the water categories. European Commission. (CEH Project Number: NEC0360EU)


Meis, S.; Thackeray, S.J.; Jones, I.D.. 2009 Effects of recent climate change on phytoplankton phenology in a temperate lake. Freshwater Biology, 54. 1888-1898.

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