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Publication - Article

Palmer, Matthew Robert; Polton, Jeff A.; Inall, Mark E; Rippeth, Tom; Green, Mattias; Sharples, Jonathan; Simpson, John. 2013 Variable behavior in pycnocline mixing over shelf seas. Geophysical Research Letters, 40 (1). 161-166.

Souza, Alejandro J.; Simpson, John H.; Harikrishnan, M.; Malarkey, Jonathan. 2001 Flow and seasonality in the Hebridean slope current. Oceanologica Acta, 24 (Suppl. 1). S63-S76.

Simpson, J.H.; Vennell, R.; Souza, A.J.. 2001 The Salt fluxes in a tidally-energetic estuary. Estuarine Coastal & Shelf Science, 52. 131-142.

Hill, Anthony Edward; Souza, Alejandro; Jones, Ken; Simpson, John; Shapiro, Georgy; McCandliss, Robin; Wilson, Hilary; Leftley, J. 1998 The Malin cascade in winter 1996. Journal of Marine Research, 56 (1). 87-106.

Souza, Alejandro; Simpson, John. 1997 Controls of Stratification the Rhine ROFI. Journal of Marine Systems, 12. 311-323.

Souza, Alejandro; Simpson, John; Schirmer, Florian. 1997 Current structure in the Rhine region of freshwater influence. Journal of Marine Research, 55 (2). 277-292.

Souza, Alejandro; Simpson, John. 1996 The modification of tidal ellipses by stratification in the Rhine ROFI. Continental Shelf Research, 16 (8). 997-1007.

Simpson, John; Souza, Alejandro. 1995 Semidiurnal switching of stratification in the Region of Freshwater Influence of the Rhine. Journal of Geophysical Research, 100 (C4). 7037-7044.

Visser, Andre W.; Souza, Alejandro J.; Hessner, Katrin; Simpson, John H.. 1994 The effect of stratification on tidal current profiles in a region of freshwater influence. Oceanologica Acta, 17 (4). 369-381.

Simpson, John H.; Bos, Wim G.; Schirmer, Florian; Souza, Alejandro J.; Rippeth, Thomas P.; Jones, Sarah E.; Hydes, David. 1993 Periodic Stratification in the Rhine ROFI in the North Sea. Oceanologica Acta, 16 (1). 23-32.

Publication - Book Section

Souza, Alejandro; Friedrich, Carl. 2005 Near-bottom Boundary Layers. In: Baumert, H.; Simpson, J.; Sunderman, J., (eds.) Marine Turbulence: Theories, Observations and Models. Cambridge,UK, Cambridge University Press, 283-296.

Simpson, John; Souza, Alejandro; Lavin, Miguel. 1994 Tidal Mixing in the Gulf of California. In: Beven, K.C.; Chatwin, P.C.; Millbank, J, (eds.) Mixing and Transport in the Environment. London, John Wiley and Sons, 170-182.

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