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Publication - Article

Wachowiak, Witold; Perry, Annika; Donnelly, Kevin; Cavers, Stephen. 2018 Early phenology and growth trait variation in closely related European pine species. Ecology and Evolution, 8 (1). 655-666.

Gonzalez-Diaz, Patricia; Jump, Alistair S.; Perry, Annika; Wachowiak, Witold; Lapshina, Elena; Cavers, Stephen. 2017 Ecology and management history drive spatial genetic structure in Scots pine. Forest Ecology and Management, 400. 68-76.

Donnelly, Kevin; Cottrell, Joan; Ennos, Richard A.; Vendramin, Giovanni Giuseppe; A'Hara, Stuart; King, Sarah; Perry, Annika; Wachowiak, Witold; Cavers, Stephen. 2017 Reconstructing the plant mitochondrial genome for marker discovery: a case study using Pinus. Molecular Ecology Resources, 17 (5). 943-954.

Thanou, Evanthia; Sponza, Stefano; Nelson, Emily J.; Perry, Annika; Wanless, Sarah; Daunt, Francis; Cavers, Stephen. 2017 Genetic structure in the European endemic seabird, Phalacrocorax aristotelis, shaped by a complex interaction of historical and contemporary, physical and nonphysical drivers. Molecular Ecology, 26 (10). 2796-2811.

Gray, Alan; Perry, Annika; Cavers, Stephen; Eastwood, Antonia; Biermann, Michelle; Darlow, Andrew; Thomas, Vanessa; Lambdon, Phil. 2017 Hybrid plants preserve unique genetic variation in the St Helena endemic trees Commidendrum rotundifolium DC Roxb. and C. spurium (G.Forst.) DC. Conservation Genetics, 18 (1). 241-246.

Fraser, S.; Martin-Garcia, J.; Perry, A.; Kabir, M.S.; Owen, T.; Solla, A.; Brown, A.V.; Bulman, L.S.; Barnes, I.; Hale, M.D.; Vasconcelos, M.W.; Lewis, K.J.; Dogmus-Lehtijarvi, H.T.; Markovskaja, S.; Woodward, S.; Bradshaw, R.E.. 2016 A review of Pinaceae resistance mechanisms against needle and shoot pathogens with a focus on the Dothistroma–Pinus interaction [in special issue: Dothistroma needle blight] Forest Pathology, 46 (5). 453-471.

Fady, Bruno; Aravanopoulos, Filippos A.; Alizoti, Paraskevi; Mátyás, Csaba; von Wühlisch, Georg; Westergren, Marjana; Belletti, Piero; Cvjetkovic, Branislav; Ducci, Fulvio; Huber, Gerhard; Kelleher, Colin T.; Khaldi, Abdelhamid; Kharrat, Magda Bou Dagher; Kraigher, Hojka; Kramer, Koen; Mühlethaler, Urs; Peric, Sanja; Perry, Annika; Rousi, Matti; Sbay, Hassan; Stojnic, Srdjan; Tijardovic, Martina; Tsvetkov, Ivaylo; Varela, Maria Carolina; Vendramin, Giovanni G.; Zlatanov, Tzvetan. 2016 Evolution-based approach needed for the conservation and silviculture of peripheral forest tree populations. Forest Ecology and Management, 375. 66-75.

Perry, Annika; Brown, Anna V.; Cavers, Stephen; Cottrell, Joan E.; Ennos, Richard A.. 2016 Has Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) co-evolved with Dothistroma septosporum in Scotland? Evidence for spatial heterogeneity in the susceptibility of native provenances. Evolutionary Applications, 9 (8). 982-993.

Perry, A.; Wachowiak, W.; Brown, A.V.; Ennos, R.A.; Cottrell, J.E.; Cavers, S.. 2016 Substantial heritable variation for susceptibility to Dothistroma septosporum within populations of native British Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris). Plant Pathology, 65 (6). 987-996.

Wachowiak, Witold; Trivedi, Urmi; Perry, Annika; Cavers, Stephen. 2015 Comparative transcriptomics of a complex of four European pine species. BMC Genomics, 16, 234.

Odee, David W.; Wilson, Julia; Omondi, Stephen; Perry, Annika; Cavers, Stephen. 2015 Rangewide ploidy variation and evolution in Acacia senegal: a north-south divide? AoB Plants, 7, plv011. 16, pp.

Telford, A.; Cavers, S.; Ennos, R.A.; Cottrell, J.E.. 2015 Can we protect forests by harnessing variation in resistance to pests and pathogens? [in special issue: Evolution, ecology and tree health] Forestry, 88 (1). 3-12.

Vanbergen, Adam J.; Woodcock , Ben A.; Gray, Alan; Grant, Fiona; Telford, Annika; Lambdon, Phil; Chapman, Dan S.; Pywell, Richard F.; Heard, Matt S.; Cavers, Stephen. 2014 Grazing alters insect visitation networks and plant mating systems. Functional Ecology, 28 (1). 178-189.

Cavers, Stephen; Telford, A.; Arenal Cruz, F.; Perez Castaneda, A.J.; Valencia, R.; Navarro, C.; Buonamici, A. ; Lowe, A.J.; Vendramin, G.G.. 2013 Cryptic species and phylogeographical structure in the tree Cedrela odorata L. thoughout the Neotropics [in special issue: Phylogeography of Neotropical trees] Journal of Biogeography, 40 (4). 732-746.

Gray, Alan; Odee, David; Cavers, Stephen; Wilson, Julia; Telford, Annika; Grant, Fiona; Diouf, Mayecor; Ochieng, John; Grant, Helen; Stott, Andrew. 2013 Does geographic origin dictate ecological strategies in Acacia senegal (L.) Willd.?: evidence from carbon and nitrogen stable isotopes. Plant and Soil, 369 (1-2). 479-496.

Odee, D.W.; Telford, A.; Wilson, J.; Gaye, A.; Cavers, S.. 2012 Plio-Pleistocene history and phylogeography of Acacia senegal in dry woodlands and savannahs of sub-Saharan tropical Africa: evidence of early colonisation and recent range expansion. Heredity, 109 (6). 372-382.

Telford, Annika; O'Hare, Matthew T.; Cavers, Stephen; Holmes, Nigel. 2011 Can genetic bar-coding be used to identify aquatic Ranunculus L. subgenus Batrachium (DC) A. Gray? A test using some species from the British Isles. Aquatic Botany, 95 (1). 65-70.

Andree, K.; Axtner, Jan; Bagley, M.J.; Barlow, E.J.; Beebee, T.J.C.; Bennetzen, Jeffrey L.; Bermingham, Eldredge; Boisselier-Dubayle, M.C.; Bozart, Christine A.; Brooks, Christopher P.; Brown, R.P.; Catanese, Gaetano; Cavers, S.; Ceron-Souza, Ivania; Chak, Solomon T.C.; Chan, M.N.; Charles-Dominique, P.; Chen, C.Y.; Chen, J.D.; Chinchilla, Leah; Da Silva, D.; Dafreville, S.; Daunt, F.; Delatte, H.; Dorge, T.; Duncan, N.; Durand, J.D.; Duvernell, D.; Estep, Matt; Fan, Sigang; Fattahi, R.; Villela, Oscar Flores; Fong, Yokking; Freville, H.; Funes, Victoria; Gallardo-Escarte, C.; Ganeshaiah, K.N.; Ghaffari, M.R.; Girod, C.; Gomez-Moliner, B.J.; Gonzalez-Porter, Gracia P.; Gosa, A.; Govers, F.; Guerin, F.; Guindo, Diarah; Hailer, Frank; Haye, P.A.; Hoelmer, Kim A.; Hofmann, S.; Hong, Yan; Hu, Chaoqun; Huang, S.W.; Humeau, L.; Infante, Carlos; Jackson, S.A.; Jacobsen, E.; Jowkar, A.; Kafi, M.; Kermani, J.; Kim, Hyojoong; Kim, Kyung Seok; Knibb, W.; Koita, Ousmane A.; Korpelainen, H.; Lambourdiere, J.; Lasso, Eloisa; Leblois, R.; Lee, Hang; Lee, Seunghwan; Leung, F.C.C.; Leung, Kenneth M.Y.; Li, Chunjong; Li, Y.; Lieckfeldt, Dietmar; Lizana, M.; Loughry, W.J.; Luo, Peng; Madeira, M.J.; Mahmoodi, P.; Maldonado, Jesus E.; Mardi, M.; Mendes, O.; Miehe, G.; Muth, Peter; Nacci, D.; Kumar, Naveen; Ng, Wai-Chuen; Pailler, T.; Parzies, Heiko K.; Perez, Laura; Pfunder, M.; Pietilainen, M.; Pirseyedi, S.M.; Porta, D.; Porta, J.; Porta, J.M.; Quilici, S.; Rakotoarivelo, F.P.; Ramesha, B.T.; Ravikanth, G.; Riera, B.; Risterucci, A.M.; Roberts, D.A.; Samadi, S.; Sarasola-Puente, V.; Sarrazin, E.; Sarthou, C.; Schmidt, Anke; Segovia, N.I.; Shen, K.N.; Simiand, C.; Sman, Muhammad Hidayat Bin; Solhoy, T.; Sommer, Simone; Sumangala, R.C.; Taubert, Ramona; Tejangkura, T.; Telford, A.; Testa, A.; Tollon-Cordet, C.; Tzeng, W.N.; Uma-Shaanker, R.; Van Der Lee, T.A.J.; Van Mourik, Thomas A.; Vasudeva, R.; Wai, T.C.; Wang, R.L.; Welch, Mark E.; Weltzein, Eva; Whitehead, A.; Woodard, Anastasia; Xia, Jianjun; Zeinolabedini, M.; Zhang, Lvping. 2010 Permanent Genetic Resources added to Molecular Ecology Resources Database 1 April 2010 – 31 May 2010: Isolation and characterization of microsatellite markers for the European shag, Phalacrocorax aristotelis. Molecular Ecology Resources, 10. 1098-1105.

Publication - Conference Item

Telford, Annika; Cavers, Stephen; Shepherd, Jess; Wilson, Julia. 2011 Genetic variation in British Campanula rotundifolia L. [Poster] In: Pop Group 45, Population Genetics Group, Nottingham, 18-21 December 2011. (Unpublished)

Publication - Thesis

Perry, Annika. 2016 Phenotypic and genetic variation in the Dothistroma-Pinus pathosystem. University of Edinburgh, Institute of Evolutionary Biology, PhD Thesis, 247pp.

Output (Electronic)

Wachowiak, Witold; Cavers, Stephen; Telford, Annika; Zucca, Giovanni; Gonzalez-Martinez, Santiago C.. Dataset associated with the manuscript in prep Wachowiak W, Telford A, Zucca GM, Gonzalez-Martinez SC, Cavers S. 2014. Do local adaptation and speciation involve the same genes in recently diverged taxa? 2014, NCBI numbers from KC979156-KC980906 [Output (Electronic)]

Perry, Annika; Cavers, Stephen. Susceptibility to Dothistroma septosporum in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) following natural inoculation at Torrs Warren, Galloway 2013-2015. NERC Environmental Information Data Centre 11 March 2016, [Output (Electronic)]

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