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Publication - Article

Blunden, J.; et al, .; Berry, D.I.; Frajka-Williams, E.; Holgate, S.; McCarthy, G.; Rayner, D.; Smeed, D.A.. 2013 State of the Climate in 2012. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 94 (8 (Supplement)). SI1-SI238.

Holgate, Simon J.; Matthews, Andrew; Woodworth, Philip L.; Rickards, Lesley J.; Tamisiea, Mark E.; Bradshaw, Elizabeth; Foden, Peter R.; Gordon, Kathleen M; Jevrejeva, Svetlana; Pugh, Jeff. 2013 New Data Systems and Products at the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level. Journal of Coastal Research, 29 (3). 493-504.

Achberger, C.; et al, .; Berry, D.I.; Holgate, S.; Rayner, D.. 2012 State of the Climate in 2011. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 93 (7 (Supplement)). S1-S282.

Woodworth, P.L.; Foden, P.R.; Jones, D.S.; Pugh, J; Holgate, S.J.; Hibbert, A.; Blackman, D.L.; Bellingham, C.R.; Roussenov, V.M.; Williams, R.G.. 2012 Sea level changes at Ascension Island in the last half century. African Journal of Marine Science, 34 (3). 443-452.

Merrifield, M.A.; Thompson, P.; Chambers, D.P.; Mitchum, G.T.; Menéndez, M.; Nerem, R.S.; Leuliette, E.; Miller, L.; Holgate, S.; Marra, J.J.; Sweet, W.. 2012 Sea level variability and change. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 93 (S7). S81-S84.

Merrifield, M.; Mitchum, G.; Leuliette, E.; Chambers, D.; Nerem, S.; Woodworth, P.; Holgate, S.; Miller, L.; Gill, S.. 2011 Sea level variations, in "State of the Climate in 2010". Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 92 (6 (Supplement)). S98-S100.

Woodworth, P.L.; White, N.J.; Jevrejeva, S.; Holgate, S.J.; Church, J.A.; Gehrels, W.R.. 2009 Evidence for the accelerations of sea level on multi-decade and century timescales. International Journal of Climatology, 29 (6). 777-789.

Holgate, S. J.; Woodworth, P. L.; Foden, P. R.; Pugh, J.. 2008 A study of delays in making tide gauge data available to tsunami warning centers. Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 25 (3). 475-481.

Holgate, S.; Foden, P.; Pugh, J.; Woodworth, P. 2008 Real time sea level data transmission from tide gauges for tsunami monitoring and long term sea level rise observations. Journal of Operational Oceanography, 1 (1). 3-8.

Holgate, Simon; Jevrejeva, Svetlana; Woodworth, Philip; Brewer, Simon. 2007 Comment on "A semi-empirical approach to projecting future sea-level rise". Science, 371 (5846). p.1866.

Holgate, S.; Foden, P.; Pugh, J,. 2007 Tsunami monitoring system: implementing global real time data telemetry - How the Indian Ocean tsunami of Dec. 2004 introduced the need for real-time sea level data from anywhere. Sea Technology, 48 (3). 37-39.

Holgate, S.J.. 2007 On the decadal rates of sea level change during the twentieth century. Geophysical Research Letters, 34 (1). L01602.

Woodworth, P. L.; Holgate, S.; Foden, P. R; Pugh, J.. 2007 Africa: tsunami alerts and rising sea levels. Planet Earth (Summer 2007). 24-25.

Jevrejeva, S.; Grinsted, A.; Moore, J. C.; Holgate, S.. 2006 Nonlinear trends and multiyear cycles in sea level records. Journal of Geophysical Research, 111 (C9), C09012.

Publication - Book Section

Bradshaw, E.; Rickards, L.; Holgate, S.; Aarup, T.. 2014 The GLOSS Delayed Mode Data Centre and the GLOSS implementation Plan 2012. In: Cudennec, C.; Kravchishina, M.; Lewandowski, J.; Rosbjerg, D.; Woodworth, P., (eds.) Complex interfaces under change: sea-river-groundwater-lake. Proceedings of HP2/HP3, IAHS-IAPSO-IASPEI Assembly, Gothenburg, Sweden, July 2013. Walllingford, IAHS Press, 6-10, 100pp. (IAHS Publication, 365).

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