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Peck, Lloyd S.; Brockington, Simon. 2013 Growth of the Antarctic octocoral Primnoella scotiae and predation by the anemone Dactylanthus antarcticus. Deep Sea Research II, 92. 73-78.

Brockington, S.; Clarke, A.; Chapman, A.L.G.. 2001 Seasonality of feeding and nutritional status during the austral winter in the Antarctic sea urchin Sterechinus neumayeri. Marine Biology, 139 (1). 127-138.

Brockington, Simon; Peck, Lloyd S.. 2001 Seasonality of respiration and ammonium excretion in the Antarctic echinoid Sterechinus neumayeri. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 219. 159-168.

Brockington, Simon; Clarke, Andrew. 2001 The relative influence of temperature and food on the metabolism of a marine invertebrate. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 258 (1). 87-99.

Brockington, Simon. 2001 The seasonal energetics of the Antarctic bivalve Laternula elliptica (King and Broderip) at Rothera Point, Adelaide Island. Polar Biology, 24 (7). 523-530.

Brockington, Simon. 2000 Cold water - hot science. Ocean Challenge, 10 (2). 19-24.

Peck, Lloyd S.; Brockington, Simon; Vanhove, Sandra; Beghyn, Myriam. 1999 Community recovery following catastrophic iceberg impacts in a soft-sediment shallow-water site at Signy Island, Antarctica. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 186. 1-8.

Vanhove, S.; Lee, H.J.; Beghyn, M.; Gansbeke, D. Van; Brockington, S.; Vincx, M.. 1998 The metazoan meiofauna in its biogeochemical environment: the case of an Antarctic coastal sediment. Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, 78 (02). 411-434.

Peck, Lloyd S.; Brockington, Simon; Brey, Thomas. 1997 Growth and metabolism in the Antarctic brachiopod Liothyrella uva. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 352 (1355). 851-858.

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