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Publication - Article

Neutel, Anje-Margriet; Thorne, Michael A.S. ORCID: 2016 Beyond connectedness: why pairwise metrics cannot capture community stability. Ecology and Evolution, 6 (20). 7199-7206.

Barnes, D.K.A. ORCID:; Neutel, A.M.. 2016 Severity of seabed spatial competition decreases towards the poles. Current Biology, 26 (8). R317-R318.

Neutel, Anje-Margriet; Thorne, Michael ORCID: 2016 Linking saturation, stability and sustainability in food webs with observed equilibrium structure. Theoretical Ecology, 9 (1). 73-81.

Neutel, Anje-Margriet; Thorne, Michael A.S. ORCID: 2014 Interaction strengths in balanced carbon cycles and the absence of a relation between ecosystem complexity and stability. Ecology Letters, 17 (6). 651-661.

Mitchell, Emily G.; Neutel, Anje-Margriet. 2012 Feedback spectra of soil food webs across a complexity gradient, and the importance of three-species loops to stability. Theoretical Ecology, 5 (2). 153-159.

Rietkerk, Max; Brovkin, Victor; van Bodegom, Peter M.; Claussen, Martin; Dekker, Stefan C.; Dijkstra, Henk A.; Goryachkin, Sergey V.; Kabat, Pavel; van Nes, Egbert H.; Neutel, Anje-Margriet; Nicholson, Sharon E.; Nobre, Carlos; Petoukhov, Vladimir; Provenzale, Antonello; Scheffer, Marten; Seneviratne, Sonia I.. 2011 Local ecosystem feedbacks and critical transitions in the climate. Ecological Complexity, 8 (3). 223-228.

Rietkerk, M.; Brovkin, V.; van Bodegom, P.M.; Claussen, M.; Dekker, S.C.; Dijkstra, H.A.; Goryachkin, S.V.; Kabat, P.; van Nes, E.H.; Neutel, Anje-Margriet; Nicholson, S.E.; Nobre, C.; Petoukhov, V.; Provenzale, A.; Scheffer, M.; Seneviratne, S.I.. 2009 Local ecosystem feedbacks and critical transitions in the climate. Biogeosciences Discussions, 6. 10121-10136.

Neutel, Anje-Margriet; Heesterbeek, Johan A.P.; van de Koppel, Johan; Hoenderboom, Guido; Vos, An; Kaldeway, Coen; Berendse, Frank; de Ruiter, Peter C.. 2007 Reconciling complexity with stability in naturally assembling food webs. Nature, 449 (7162). 599-602.

Berlow, Eric L.; Neutel, Anje-Margriet; Cohen, Joel E.; de Ruiter, Peter C.; Ebenman, Bo; Emmerson, Mark; Fox, Jeremy W.; Jansen, Vincent A. A.; Jones, J. Iwan; Kokkoris, Giorgos D.; Logofet, Dmitrii O.; McKane, Alan J.; Montoya, Jose M.; Petchey, Owen. 2004 Interaction strengths in food webs: issues and opportunities. Journal of Animal Ecology, 73 (3). 585-598.

Publication - Book Section

Neutel, Anje-Margriet; Thorne, Michael A.S. ORCID: 2017 Symmetry, asymmetry and beyond: the crucial role of interaction strength in the complexity-stability debate. In: Moore, John C.; de Ruiter, Peter C.; McCann, Kevin S.; Wolters, Volkmar, (eds.) Adaptive food webs: stability and transitions of real and model ecosystems. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 31-44.

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