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Publication - Article

Chenery, S.R.; Izquierdo, M.; Marzouk, E.; Klinck, B.; Palumbo-Roe, B.; Tye, A.M.. 2012 Soil–plant interactions and the uptake of Pb at abandoned mining sites in the Rookhope catchment of the N. Pennines, UK : a Pb isotope study. Science of the Total Environment, 433. 547-560.

Palumbo-Roe, Barbara; Klinck, Ben; Banks, Vanessa; Quigley, Sean. 2009 Prediction of the long-term perfomance of abandoned lead zinc mine tailings in a Welsh catchment. Journal of Geochemical Exploration, 100 (2-3). 169-181.

Cave, Mark; Palumbo-Roe, Barbara; Klinck, Ben; Wragg, Joanna. 2008 A lines of evidence approach to the assessment of the bioaccessibility as in soils in the UK [abstract]. Epidemiology, 19 (6), S30. 1, pp.

Palumbo-Roe, Barbara; Klinck, Ben. 2007 Bioaccessibility of arsenic in mine waste-contaminated soils : a case study from an abandoned arsenic mine in SW England (UK). Journal of environmental science and health. Part A, 42 (9). 1251-1261.

van de Wiele, Tom R.; Oomen, Agnes G.; Wragg, Joanna; Cave, Mark; Minekas, Mans; Hack, Alfons; Cornelis, Christa; Rompelburg, Cathy J.M.; De Zwart, Lockie L. de; Klinck, Ben; Van Wijnen, Joop; Verstraete, Willy; Sips, Adrienne J.A.M.. 2007 Comparison of five in vitro digestion models to in vivo experimental results : lead bioaccessibility in the human gastrointestinal tract. Journal of Environmental Science and Health Part A, 42 (9). 1203-1211.

Wragg, Joanna; Klinck, Ben. 2007 The bioaccessibility of lead from Welsh mine waste using a respiratory uptake test. Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A, 42 (9). 1223-1231.

Palumbo-Roe, B.; Cave, M.R.; Klinck, B.A.; Wragg, J.; Taylor, H.; O'Donnell, K.E.; Shaw, R.A.. 2005 Bioaccessibility of arsenic in soils developed over Jurassic ironstones in eastern England. Environmental Geochemistry and Health, 27 (2). 121-130.

Stuart, Marianne; Gooddy, Daren; Kinniburgh, David; Klinck, Ben. 2001 Trihalomethane formation potential : a tool for detecting non-specific organic groundwater contamination. Urban Water, 3 (3). 197-208.

Publication - Book

Morris, B.L.; Lawrence, A.R.L.; Chilton, P.J.C.; Adams, B.; Calow, R.C.; Klinck, B.A.. 2003 Groundwater and its susceptibility to degradation : a global assessment of the problem and options for management. United Nations Environment Programme, 126pp. (Eary warning and assessment report series, 03-3).

Publication - Book Section

Plant, J.A.; Bone, J.; Voulvoulis, N.; Kinniburgh, D.G.; Smedley, P.L.; Fordyce, F.M.; Klinck, B.. 2014 Arsenic and selenium. In: Holland, H.D.; Turekain, K.K., (eds.) Environmental geochemistry. Oxford, UK, Elsevier, 13-57. (Treatise on Geochemistry, 11).

Palumbo-Roe, Barbara; Klinck, Ben; Cave, Mark. 2007 Arsenic speciation and mobility in mine wastes from a copper–arsenic mine in Devon, UK : an SEM, XAS, sequential chemical extraction study. In: Bhattacharya, Prosun; Mukherjee, Arun B.; Bundschuh, Jochen; Zevenhoven, Ron; Loeppert, Richard, (eds.) Arsenic in soil and groundwater environment : biogeochemical interactions, health effects and remediation. Elsevier, 441-471. (Trace Metals and other Contaminants in the Environment, 9).

Plant, J.A.; Kinniburgh, D.G.; Smedley, P.L.; Fordyce, F.M.; Klinck, B.A.. 2004 Arsenic and selenium. In: Lollar, B.S., (ed.) Treatise on geochemistry. Volume 9, environmental geochemistry. London, UK, Elsevier, 17-66.

Publication - Conference Item

Ogilvy, R.D.; Kuras, O.; Palumbo-Roe, B.; Meldrum, P.I.; Wilkinson, P.B.; Chambers, J.E.; Klinck, B.A.. 2009 The detection and tracking of mine-water pollution from abandoned mines using electrical tomography. In: International Mine Water Conference, Pretoria, South Africa, 19-23 Oct 2009. (Unpublished)

Beamish, D.; Klinck, B.A.; Trick, J.. 2004 Ground-truthing airborne EM - Hydrochemical characterization of a coal mine plume. In: 10th European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 2004. Netherlands, EAGE.

Publication - Report

Kuras, O.; Banks, V.; Palumbo-Roe, B.; Klinck, B.. 2011 Geophysical characterisation of a tailings lagoon at Frongoch Mine, Devil's Bridge, Ceredigion, Wales. British Geological Survey, 20pp. (OR/11/005) (Unpublished)

Bearcock, J.; Palumbo-Roe, B.; Banks, V.; Klinck, B.. 2010 The hydrochemistry of Frongoch Mine, mid Wales. British Geological Survey, 36pp. (OR/10/006) (Unpublished)

Klinck, Ben; Palumbo-Roe, Barbara; Cave, Mark; Wragg, Joanna. 2005 Arsenic dispersal and bioaccessibility in mine contaminated soils : a case study from an abandoned arsenic mine in Devon, UK. Keyworth, Nottingham, British Geological Survey, 52pp. (RR/04/003)

Palumbo, Barbara; Rawlins, Barry; Herbert, Charlotte; Kessler, Holger; Klinck, Ben. 2004 Human health risk assessment for exposure to soil at London Road Allotments, Coventry (UK). Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 44pp. (CR/04/045N) (Unpublished)

Klinck, B.A.; Beamish, D.A.. 2004 Hydrochemical characterisation of the Sherwood Sandstone Group in the vicinity of Thoresby Colliery, Nottinghamshire. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 32pp. (IR/04/025) (Unpublished)

Lawrence, D.J.D.; Klinck, B.A.. 2002 Alcan Lynemouth smelter, geology and hydrogeology in the vicinity of the ash storage lagoons. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 36pp. (CR/02/055N) (Unpublished)

Williams, G.M.; Boland, M.P.; Higgo, J.J.W.; Ogilvy, R.D.; Klinck, B.A.; Wealthall, G.P.; Noy, D.J.; Trick, J.; Davis, J.; Williams, L.A.; Leader, R.U.; Hart, P.A.. 2000 Effects of old landfills on groundwater quality. Phase 2, investigation of the Thriplow landfill 1996–1997. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 136pp. (WE/98/052, Environment Agency R&D Technical Report P 201) (Unpublished)

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