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Publication - Article

Meijers, Andrew J.S. ORCID:; Meredith, Michael P. ORCID:; Murphy, Eugene J. ORCID:; Chambers, D. P.; Belchier, Mark; Young, Emma F. ORCID: 2019 The role of ocean dynamics in king penguin range estimation. Nature Climate Change, 9 (2). 120-121.

Trathan, Phil N.; Warwick-Evans, Victoria ORCID:; Hinke, J.T.; Young, Emma F. ORCID:; Murphy, Eugene J. ORCID:; Carneiro, A.P.B.; Dias, M.P.; Kovacs, K.M.; Lowther, A.D.; Godø, O.R.; Kokubun, N.; Kim, J.H.; Takahashi, A.; Santos, M.. 2018 Managing fishery development in sensitive ecosystems: Identifying penguin habitat use to direct management in Antarctica. Ecosphere, 9 (8), e02392.

Young, Emma F. ORCID:; Tysklind, Niklas; Meredith, Michael P. ORCID:; de Bruyn, Mark; Belchier, Mark; Murphy, Eugene J. ORCID:; Carvalho, Gary R.. 2018 Stepping stones to isolation: impacts of a changing climate on the connectivity of fragmented fish populations. Evolutionary Applications, 11 (6). 978-994.

Brigden, K.E.; Marshall, C.T.; Scott, B.E.; Young, E.F. ORCID:; Brickle, P.. 2017 Interannual variability in reproductive traits of the Patagonian toothfish Dissostichus eleginoides around the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia. Journal of Fish Biology, 91 (1). 278-301.

Young, Emma F. ORCID:; Belchier, Mark; Hauser, Lorenz; Horsburgh, Gavin J.; Meredith, Michael P. ORCID:; Murphy, Eugene J. ORCID:; Pascoal, Sonia; Rock, Jennifer; Tysklind, Niklas; Carvalho, Gary R.. 2015 Oceanography and life history predict contrasting genetic population structure in two Antarctic fish species. Evolutionary Applications, 8 (5). 486-509.

Hosking, J. Scott ORCID:; Bannister, Daniel; Orr, Andrew ORCID:; King, John; Young, Emma ORCID:; Phillips, Tony ORCID: 2015 Orographic disturbances of surface winds over the shelf waters adjacent to South Georgia. Atmospheric Science Letters, 16 (1). 50-55.

Young, Emma ORCID:; Thorpe, Sally ORCID:; Banglawala, Neelofer; Murphy, Eugene ORCID: 2014 Variability in transport pathways on and around the South Georgia shelf, Southern Ocean: implications for recruitment and retention. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 119 (1). 241-252.

Murphy, E.J. ORCID:; Hofmann, E.E.; Watkins, J.L.; Johnston, N.M.; Piñones, A.; Ballerini, T.; Hill, S.L.; Trathan, P.N.; Tarling, G.A. ORCID:; Cavanagh, R.A. ORCID:; Young, E.F. ORCID:; Thorpe, S.E. ORCID:; Fretwell, P. ORCID: 2013 Comparison of the structure and function of Southern Ocean regional ecosystems: The Antarctic Peninsula and South Georgia. Journal of Marine Systems, 109-110. 22-42.

Young, Emma F. ORCID:; Rock, Jennifer; Meredith, Michael P. ORCID:; Belchier, Mark; Murphy, Eugene J. ORCID:; Carvalho, Gary R.. 2012 Physical and behavioural influences on larval fish retention: contrasting patterns in two Antarctic fishes. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 465. 201-215.

Young, Emma F. ORCID:; Meredith, Michael P. ORCID:; Murphy, Eugene J. ORCID:; Carvalho, Gary R.. 2011 High-resolution modelling of the shelf and open ocean adjacent to South Georgia, Southern Ocean. Deep-Sea Research, Part II, 58 (13-16). 1540-1552.

Young, E. F ORCID:; Holt, J. T.. 2007 Prediction and analysis of long-term variability of temperature and salinity in the Irish Sea. Journal of Geophysical Research, 112 (C1). Art. No. C01008.

Ward, P.; Whitehouse, M.J.; Shreeve, R.S.; Thorpe, S.E. ORCID:; Atkinson, A.; Korb, R.E.; Pond, D.W.; Young, E.F. ORCID: 2007 Plankton community structure south and west of South Georgia (Southern Ocean): links with production and physical forcing. Deep-Sea Research Part I, 54 (11). 1871-1889.

Output (Electronic)

Young, Emma F ORCID: Individual Based Model adapted for NEMO oceanographic fields, and with parameterisations for four fish species (C. gunnari, N. rossii, C. aceratus, G. gibberifrons). 1 November 2012, [Output (Electronic)]

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