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Publication - Article

Richards, P.C.; Stone, P.; Kimbell, G.S.; Mcintosh, W.C.; Phillips, E.R.. 2013 Mesozoic magmatism in the Falkland Islands (South Atlantic) and their offshore sedimentary basins. Journal of Petroleum Geology, 36 (1). 61-73. 10.1111/jpg.12542

Stoker, Martyn S.; Kimbell, Geoffrey S.; McInroy, David B.; Morton, Andrew C.. 2012 Eocene post-rift tectonostratigraphy of the Rockall Plateau, Atlantic margin of NW Britain : linking early spreading tectonics and passive margin response. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 30 (1). 98-125. 10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2011.09.007

Kimbell, G.S.; Ritchie, J.D.; Henderson, A.F.. 2010 Three-dimensional gravity and magnetic modelling of the Irish sector of the NE Atlantic margin. Tectonophysics, 486 (1-4). 36-54. 10.1016/j.tecto.2010.02.007

Kimbell, G.S.; Young, B.; Millward, D.; Crowley, Q.G.. 2010 The North Pennine batholith (Weardale Granite) of northern England : new data on its age and form. Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society, 58 (2). 107-128. 10.1144/pygs.58.1.273

Beamish, D.; Kimbell, G.S.; Stone, P.; Anderson, T.B.. 2010 Regional conductivity data used to reassess Early Palaeozoic structure in the Northern Ireland sector of the Southern Uplands-Down-Longford terrane. Journal of the Geological Society, 167 (4). 649-657. 10.1144/0016-76492009-122

Stone, P.; Kimbell, G.S.; Richards, P.C.. 2009 Rotation of the Falklands microplate reassessed after recognition of discrete Jurassic and Cretaceous dyke swarms. Petroleum Geoscience, 15 (3). 279-287. 10.1144/1354-079309-847

Stone, P.; Richards, P.C.; Kimbell, G.S.; Esser, R.P.; Reeves, D.. 2008 Cretaceous dykes discovered in the Falkland Islands : implications for regional tectonics in the South Atlantic. Journal of the Geological Society, 165 (1). 1-4. 10.1144/0016-76492007-072

Kimbell, Geoffrey; Richards, Philip. 2008 The three-dimensional lithospheric structure of the Falkland Plateau region based on gravity modelling. Journal of the Geological Society, 165 (4). 795-806. 10.1144/0016-76492007-114

Publication - Book

Lawrence, D.J.D.; Dean, M.T.; Entwisle, D.C.; Kimbell, G.S.; Butcher, A.. 2011 Geology of the Rothbury district : a brief explanation of the geological map Sheet 9 Rothbury. Nottingham, UK, British Geological Survey, 38pp. (Explanation (England & Wales Sheet) British Geological Survey).

Publication - Book Section

Leslie, A.G.; Krabbendam, M.; Kimbell, G.S.; Strachan, R.A.. 2010 Regional-scale lateral variation and linkage in ductile thrust architecture : the Oykel Transverse Zone, and mullions, in the Moine Nappe, NW Scotland. In: Law, R.D.; Butler, R.W.H.; Holdsworth, R.E.; Krabbendam, M.; Strachan, R.A., (eds.) Continental tectonics and mountain building: the legacy of Peach and Horne. London, UK, Geological Society of London, 359-381. (Geological Society Special Publications, 335).

Johnson, H.; Ritchie, J.D.; Hitchen, K.; McInroy, D.B.; Kimbell, G.S.. 2005 Aspects of the Cenozoic deformational history of the northeast Faroe-Shetland Basin and the Wyville-Thomson Ridge and Hatton Bank areas. In: Dore, A.G.; Vining , B.A., (eds.) Petroleum Geology : North-West Europe and Global Perspectives : Proceedings of the 6th Petroleum Geology Conference. London, UK, British Geological Survey, 993-1007.

Kimbell, G.S.; Ritchie, J.D.; Johnson, H.; Gatliff, R.W.. 2005 Controls on the structure and evolution of the NE Atlantic margin revealed by regional potential field imaging and 3D modelling. In: Dore, A.G.; Vining, B.A., (eds.) Petroleum Geology : north-west Europe and global perspectives : 6th petroleum geology conference [proceedings]. Geological Society of London, 933-945.

Publication - Conference Item

Smith, Kevin; Whitley, Patrick; Kimbell, Geoffrey S.; Kubala, Martin; Johnson, Howard. 2009 Enhancing the prospectivity of the Wyville Thomson Ridge. In: 2nd Faroe Islands Exploration Conference : Annales Societas Scientiarum Faeroensis. The Faroese Academy of Sciences, 286-302.

Millar, Ian; Ritchie, Derek; Goodenough, Kathryn Mary; Noble, Stephen; Kimbell, Geoffrey. 2008 U-Pb zircon ages for the Loch Borralan and Flannan syenites, and their relationship to the Caledonian orogenic front [abstract]. [Poster] In: Highland Workshop, Murchison House, Edinburgh, 2008.

Publication - Report

Kimbell, G.S.. 1986 Geophysical surveys near Strontian, Highland Region. British Geological Survey, 28pp. (WF/MR/86/085) (Unpublished)

Cornwell, J.D.; Kimbell, G.S.. 1985 Geophysical surveys in part of the Halkyn-Minera mining district, north-east Wales. British Geological Survey, 26pp. (WF/MR/85/075) (Unpublished)

Haslam, H.W.; Kimbell, G.S.. 1981 Disseminated copper-molybdenum mineralisation near Ballachulish, Highland Region. Institute of Geological Sciences, 50pp. (WF/MR/81/043) (Unpublished)

Publication - Other

Kimbell, Geoffrey; Carruthers, Richard M.; Walker, Adrian; Williamson, J.P.. 2006 Regional geophysics of southern Scotland and Northern England. British Geological Survey [CD-ROM]

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