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Publication - Article

Thomas, Jeremy A.; Schonrogge, Karsten. 2019 Conservation of co-evolved interactions: understanding the Maculinea–Myrmica complex [in special issue: Conservation of co‐evolved interactions: understanding the Maculinea‐Myrmica complex] Insect Conservation and Diversity, 12 (6). 459-466.

Elmes, Graham W.; Wardlaw, Judith C.; Schonrogge, Karsten; Thomas, Jeremy A. ORCID: 2019 Evidence of a fixed polymorphism of one-year and two-year larval growth in the myrmecophilous butterfly Maculinea rebeli [in special issue: Conservation of co‐evolved interactions: understanding the Maculinea‐Myrmica complex] Insect Conservation and Diversity, 12 (6). 501-510.

Andersen, Anne; Simcox, David J.; Thomas, Jeremy A.; Nash, David R.. 2014 Assessing reintroduction schemes by comparing genetic diversity of reintroduced and source populations: a case study of the globally threatened large blue butterfly (Maculinea arion). Biological Conservation, 175. 34-41.

Bonsall, Michael B.; Dooley, Claire A.; Kasparson, Anna; Brereton, Tom; Roy, David B.; Thomas, Jeremy A.. 2014 Allee effects and the spatial dynamics of a locally endangered butterfly, the high brown fritillary (Argynnis adippe). Ecological Applications, 24 (1). 108-120.

Thomas, Jeremy A.; Elmes, Graham W.; Sielezniew, Marcin; Stankiewicz-Fiedurek, Anna; Simcox, David J.; Settele, Josef; Schonrogge, Karsten. 2013 Mimetic host shifts in an endangered social parasite of ants. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 280 (1751), 20122336. 8, pp.

Woodcock, B.A.; Bullock, J.M.; Mortimer, S.R.; Brereton, T.; Redhead, J.W.; Thomas, J.A.; Pywell, R.F.. 2012 Identifying time lags in the restoration of grassland butterfly communities: a multi-site assessment. Biological Conservation, 155. 50-58.

Chapman, Jason W.; Bell, James R.; Burgin, Laura E.; Reynolds, Donald R.; Pettersson, Lars B.; Hill, Jane K.; Bonsall, Michael B.; Thomas, Jeremy A.. 2012 Seasonal migration to high latitudes results in major reproductive benefits in an insect. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109 (37). 14924-14929.

Hovestadt, Thomas; Thomas, Jeremy A.; Mitesser, Oliver; Elmes, Graham W.; Schonrogge, Karsten. 2012 Unexpected benefit of a social parasite for a key fitness component of its ant host. American Naturalist, 179 (1). 110-123.

Thomas, J.A.; Simcox, D.J.; Hovestadt, T.. 2011 Evidence based conservation of butterflies. Journal of Insect Conservation, 15 (1-2). 241-258.

Settele, Josef; Barbero, Francesca; Musche, Martin; Thomas, Jeremy A.; Schonrogge, Karsten. 2011 Singing the blues: from experimental biology to conservation application. Journal of Experimental Biology, 214. 1407-1410.

Thomas, Jeremy A.; Schonrogge, Karsten; Bonelli, Simona; Barbero, Francesca; Balletto, Emilio. 2010 Corruption of ant acoustical signals by mimetic social parasites: Maculinea butterflies achieve elevated status in host societies by mimicking the acoustics of queen ants. Communicative & Integrative Biology, 3 (2). 1-4.

Barbero, F.; Bonelli, S.; Thomas, J.A.; Balletto, E.; Schonrogge, K.. 2009 Acoustical mimicry in a predatory social parasite of ants. Journal of Experimental Biology, 212 (24). 4084-4090.

Barbero, Francesca; Thomas, Jeremy A.; Bonelli, Simona; Balletto, Emilio; Schonrogge, Karsten. 2009 Queen ants make distinctive sounds that are mimicked by a butterfly social parasite. Science, 373. 782-785.

Thomas, J.A.; Simcox, D.J.; Clarke, R.T.. 2009 Successful conservation of a threatened Maculinea butterfly. Science, 325 (5936). 80-83.

Schonrogge, Karsten; Napper, Emma K. V.; Birkett, Michael A.; Woodcock, Christine M.; Pickett, John A.; Wadhams, Lester J.; Thomas, Jeremy A.. 2008 Host recognition by the specialist hoverfly Microdon mutabilis, a social parasite of the ant Formica lemani. Journal of Chemical Ecology, 34 (2). 168-178.

Gardner, M. G.; Schonrogge, K.; Elmes, G. W.; Thomas, J. W.. 2007 Increased genetic diversity as a defence against parasites is undermined by social parasites: Microdon mutabilis hoverflies infesting Formica lemani ant colonies. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 274 (1606). 103-110.

Hovestadt, Thomas; Mitesser, Oliver; Elmes, Graham W.; Thomas, Jeremy A.; Hochberg, Michael E.. 2007 An evolutionarily stable strategy model for the evolution of dimorphic development in the butterfly Maculinea rebeli, a social parasite of Myrmica ant colonies. American Naturalist, 169 (4). 466-480.

Schonrogge, K.; Gardner, M. G.; Elmes, G. W.; Napper, E. K. V.; Simcox, D. J.; Wardlaw, J. C.; Breen, J.; Barr, B.; Knapp, J. J.; Pickett, J. A.; Thomas, J. A.. 2006 Host propagation permits extreme local adaptation in a social parasite of ants. Ecology Letters, 9 (9). 1032-1040.

Johst, Karin; Dreschler, Martin; Thomas, Jeremy; Settele, Josef. 2006 Influence of mowing on the persistence of two endangered large blue butterfly species. Journal of Applied Ecology, 43 (2). 333-342.

Finlay, Bland J.; Thomas, Jeremy A.; McGavin, George C.; Fenchel, Tom; Clarke, Ralph T.. 2006 Self-similar patterns of nature: insect diversity at local to global scales. Proceedings Royal Society B, 273 (1596). 1935-1941.

Publication - Book Section

Thomas, J.A.. 1990 Genetic effects of the release of captive-bred lepidoptera into the wild. In: Gray, Alan, (ed.) Release of captive-bred species: genetic interactions with wild relatives. NERC Institute of Terrestrial Ecology, 21pp. (TFS Project no T08059j1). (Unpublished)

Publication - Conference Item

Simcox, David; Meredith, Sarah; Schonrogge, Karsten; Thomas, Jeremy. 2012 Phenotypic plasticity in dispersal and phenology in Maculinea arion populations in new environments. [Lecture] In: Climate Change Impacts on Insects and their Mitigation (CLIMIT) Final Workshop, Halle, Germany, 9-12 Dec 2012. (Unpublished)

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