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Publication - Article

Berggren, Karolina; Packman, John; Ashley, Richard; Viklander, Maria. 2014 Climate changed rainfalls for urban drainage capacity assessment. Urban Water Journal, 11 (7). 543-556.

Miller, James D.; Kim, Hyeonjun; Kjeldsen, Thomas R.; Packman, John; Grebby, Stephen; Dearden, Rachel. 2014 Assessing the impact of urbanization on storm runoff in a peri-urban catchment using historical change in impervious cover. Journal of Hydrology, 515. 59-70.

Kjeldsen, T.R.; Miller, J.D.; Packman, J.C.. 2013 Modelling design flood hydrographs in catchments with mixed urban and rural land cover. Hydrology Research, 44 (6). 1040-1057.

Blake, James R.; Packman, John C.. 2010 Discussion: Field verification of bed-mounted ADV meters. N. McIntyre and M. Marshall. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers Water Manangement, 163 (2). 100-102.

Blake, J. R.; Packman, J. C.. 2008 Identification and correction of water velocity measurement errors associated with ultrasonic Doppler flow monitoring. Water and Environment Journal, 22 (3). 155-167.

Old, Gareth h.; Leeks, Graham J. L.; Packman, John C.; Smith, Barnaby P.G.; Lewis, Scott; Hewitt, Edward J.. 2006 River flow and associated transport of sediments and solutes through a highly urbanised catchment: Bradford, West Yorkshire. Science of the Total Environment, 360. 98-108.

Culshaw, M. G.; Nathanail, C. P.; Leeks, G. J. L.; Alker, S.; Bridge, D.; Duffy, T.; Fowler, D.; Packman, J. C.; Swetnam, R.; Wadsworth, R.; Wyatt, B.. 2006 The role of web-based environmental information in urban planning - the environmental information system for planners. Science of the Total Environment, 360. 233-245.

Publication - Book Section

Kjeldsen, T.R.; Miller, J.D.; Packman, J.C.. 2011 Urban footprints on catchment storm runoff. In: Szolgay, J.; Danacova, M.; Hlavova, K.; Kohnova, S.; Pistekova, V., (eds.) Floods in 3D: Processes, Patterns, Predictions. Bratislava, Slovakia, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, 22. (EGU Leonardo Conference Series on the Hydrological Cycle).

Publication - Report

Faulkner, Duncan; Kjeldsen, Thomas; Packman, John; Stewart, Lisa. 2012 Estimating flood peaks and hydrographs for small catchments: phase 1. Bristol, Environment Agency, 65pp. (Environment Agency Report SC090031/R)

Faulkner, Duncan; Kjeldsen, Thomas; Packman, John; Stewart, Lisa. 2011 Estimating flood peaks and hydrographs for small catchments: Phase 1. Environment Agency. (Environment Agency Report SC090031) (Unpublished)

Old, Gareth; Acreman, Michael; Laize, Cedric; Nottage, Albert; Overton, Ian; Mountford, Owen; Packman, John; Walton, Sam; Cowx, Ian; Thorne, Colin; Thompson, Julian; Newman, Jonathan; Ramsbottom, David; Gouldby, Ben; Lumbroso, Darren; Gowing, David. 2010 Ecological impact assessment tools for fluvial flooding and coastal inundation. Environment Agency, 114pp. (CEH Project Number: C03429) (Unpublished)

Old, G.; Thompson, J.; Ramsbottom, D.; Nottage, A.; Packman, J.; Thorne, C.; Booker, D.; Fisher, J.; Durell, S.; Acreman, M.; Bolland, J.; Cowx, I.G.; Pinder, A.; Mountford, O.; Laize, C.; Lumbroso, D.. 2008 Methods to Assess, Model and Map the Environmental Consequences of Flooding. Literature review. Bristol, Environment Agency, 148pp. (CEH Project Number: C03429)

Packman, J. C.. 2001 Development of a Modelling and Decision Support Framework (MDSF) for catchment flood management planning. Inception report. Wallingford, HR Wallingford, 28pp. (UNSPECIFIED) (Unpublished)

Packman, J.C.; Hewitt, E.J.. 1998 Flood estimation in mixed urban/rural catchments. Final Report on the Bracknell catchment case study. Institute of Hydrology, 182pp. (MAFF Project FD0413) (Unpublished)

Packman, John. 1994 Design Storm & Antecedent condition for urban drainage in the Republic of Ireland. Institute of Hydrology, 44pp. (UNSPECIFIED) (Unpublished)

Packman, John; Wencel, Kevin; Shah, S.M. Saeed; Ahmad, Iftikhar. 1994 Urban runoff analysis and modelling - Lahore Study. Interim report. Institute of Hydrology, 130pp. (UNSPECIFIED) (Unpublished)

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