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Eichhorn, Götz; Bil, Willem; Fox, James W.. 2017 Individuality in northern lapwing migration and its link to timing of breeding. Journal of Avian Biology, 48 (8). 1132-1138.

Lindström, Åke; Alerstam, Thomas; Bahlenberg, Peter; Ekblom, Robert; Fox, James W.; Råghall, Johan; Klaassen, Raymond H. G.. 2016 The migration of the great snipe Gallinago media: intriguing variations on a grand theme. Journal of Avian Biology, 47 (3). 321-334.

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Mostello, Carolyn S.; Nisbet, Ian C.T.; Oswald, Stephen A.; Fox, James W.. 2014 Non-breeding season movements of six North American Roseate Terns Sterna dougallii tracked with geolocators. Seabird, 27. 1-21.

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Tøttrup, Anders P.; Klaassen, H.G.; Strandberg, Roine; Thorup, Kasper; Kristensen, Mikkel Willemoes; Jørgensen, Peter Søgaard; Fox, James; Afanasyev, Vsevolod; Rahbek, Carsten; Alerstam, Thomas. 2012 The annual cycle of a trans-equatorial Eurasian–African passerine migrant: different spatio-temporal strategies for autumn and spring migration. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, B, 279 (1730). 1008-1016.

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Catry, Inês; Dias, Maria P.; Catry, Teresa; Afanasyev, Vsevolod; Fox, James; Franco, Aldina M.A.; Sutherland, William J.. 2011 Individual variation in migratory movements and winter behaviour of Iberian Lesser Kestrels Falco naumanni revealed by geolocators. Ibis, 153 (1). 154-164.

Heckscher, Christopher M.; Taylor, Syrena M.; Fox, James W.; Afanasyev, Vsevolod. 2011 Veery (Catharus Fuscescens) wintering locations, migratory connectivity, and a revision of its winter range using geolocator technology. Auk, 128 (3). 531-542.

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Minton, Clive; Gosbell, Ken; Johns, Penny; Christie, Maureen; Fox, James W.; Afanasyev, Vsevolod. 2010 Initial results from light level geolocator trials on Ruddy Turnstone Arenaria interpres reveal unexpected migration route. Wader Study Group Bulletin, 117 (1). 9-14.

Egevang, Carsten; Stenhouse, Iain J.; Phillips, Richard A.; Petersen, Aevar; Fox, James W.; Silk, Janet R.D.. 2010 Tracking of Arctic terns Sterna paradisaea reveals longest animal migration. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 107 (5). 2078-2081.

Bachler, Erich; Hahn, Steffen; Schaub, Michael; Arlettaz, Raphael; Jenni, Lukas; Fox, James W.; Afanasyev, Vsevolod. 2010 Year-round tracking of small trans-Saharan migrants using light-level geolocators. PLoS One, 5 (3). 4, pp.

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Phalan, Ben; Phillips, Richard A.; Silk, Janet R.D.; Afanasyev, Vsevolod; Fukuda, Akira; Fox, James; Catry, Paulo; Higuchi, Hiroyoshi; Croxall, John P.. 2007 Foraging behaviour of four albatross species by night and day. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 340. 271-286.

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