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Briones, María Jesús I.; Schmidt, Olaf. 2017 Conventional tillage decreases the abundance and biomass of earthworms and alters their community structure in a global meta-analysis. Global Change Biology, 23 (10). 4396-4419.

Butt, Kevin R.; Briones, Maria J.I.. 2017 Earthworms and mesofauna from an isolated, alkaline chemical waste site in northwest England. European Journal of Soil Biology, 78. 43-49.

Orgiazzi, Alberto; Bardgett, Richard D.; Barrios, Edmundo; Behan-Pelletier, Valerie; Briones, Maria J.I.; Chotte, Jean-Luc; De Deyn, Gerlinde B.; Eggleton, Paul; Fierer, Noah; Fraser, Tandra; Hedlund, Katarina; Jeffery, Simon; Johnson, Nancy C.; Jones, Arwyn; Kandeler, Ellen; Kaneko, Nobuhiro; Lavelle, Patrick; Lemanceau, Philippe; Miko, Ladislav; Montanarella, Luca; Moreira, Fatima M.S.; Ramirez, Kelly S.; Scheu, Stefan; Singh, Brajesh K.; Six, Johan; van der Putten, Wim H.; Wall, Diana H.. 2016 Global soil biodiversity atlas. Luxembourg, Publications Office of the European Union, 176pp.

Ward, Susan E.; Orwin, Kate H.; Ostle, Nicholas J.; Briones, Maria J.I.; Thomson, Bruce C.; Griffiths, Robert I.; Oakley, Simon; Quirk, Helen; Bardgett, Richard D.. 2015 Vegetation exerts a greater control on litter decomposition than climate warming in peatlands. Ecology, 96 (1).

Briones, María Jesús I.; McNamara, Niall P.; Poskitt, Jan; Crow, Susan E.; Ostle, Nicholas J.. 2014 Interactive biotic and abiotic regulators of soil carbon cycling: evidence from controlled climate experiments on peatland and boreal soils. Global Change Biology, 20 (9). 2971-2982.

Churchland, Carolyn; Weatherall, Andrew; Briones, Maria J.I.; Grayston, Sue J.. 2012 Stable-isotope labeling and probing of recent photosynthates into respired CO2, soil microbes and soil mesofauna using a xylem and phloem stem-injection technique on Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis). Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 26 (21). 2493-2501.

Hogberg, Mona N.; Briones, Maria J.I.; Keel, Sonja G.; Metcalfe, Daniel B.; Campbell, Catherine; Midwood, Andrew J.; Thornton, Barry; Hurry, Vaughan; Linder, Sune; Nasholm, Torgny; Hogberg, Peter. 2010 Quantification of effects of season and nitrogen supply on tree below-ground carbon transfer to ectomycorrhizal fungi and other soil organisms in a boreal pine forest. New Phytologist, 187. 485-493.

Briones, Maria Jesus Iglesias; Garnett, Mark H.; Ineson, Phil. 2010 Soil biology and warming play a key role in the release of 'old C' from organic soils. Soil Biology & Biochemistry, 42 (6). 960-967.

Briones, Maria Jesus Iglesias; Ostle, Nicholas J.; McNamara, Niall P.; Poskitt, Jan. 2009 Functional shifts of grassland soil communities in response to soil warming. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 41 (2). 315-322.

Briones, María Jesús Iglesias; Ostle, Nicholas J.; Pierce, Trevor G.. 2008 Stable isotopes reveal that the calciferous gland of earthworms is a CO2-fixing organ. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 40 (2). 554-557.

Briones, Maria Jesus Iglesias; Ostle, Nicholas J.; Garnett, Mark H.. 2007 Invertebrates increase the sensitivity of non-labile soil carbon to climate change. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 39 (3). 816-818.

Ostle, N.; Briones, M. J. I.; Ineson, P.; Cole, L.; Staddon, P.; Sleep, D.. 2007 Isotopic detection of recent photosynthate carbon flow into grassland rhizosphere fauna. Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 39 (3). 768-777.

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